"An Elegant Hand" by Wiliam E. Henning

Hello there!


Few days ago I received a gorgeous book. It’s called “An Elegant Hand. The Golden Age of American Penmanship & Calligraphy” by William E. Henning. And I am so happy I have this treasure in my library.


First of all, the quality of book is so so good, paper has light-yellow color so it looks like old one (love old books). Blue covered book is put in the jacket. Also there are a lot of high quality images of arts. Published by Oak Knoll Press.


Secondly, there is a lot of text. Yes! After introduction you can read about lives and careers of some of the most important American penmen:


Platt Rogers Spencer

George A.Gaskell

Louise Madarasz

William E.Dennis

Austin Norman Palmer

Francis B.Courtney

William C.Henning


In the end there is a glossary of calligraphy terms!


But also there are a lot of art works of different calligraphers. The father of the author started to collect arts and son – continued. They did not only collect, but photographed and scanned them. Originals are gone now, but thank you so much we can see them in this book. Spencerian Script, Ornamental Penmanship, Flourishing, Copperplate, business writing and many other styles are presented in this book.


It is difficult to find a book where will be collection of the info about calligraphers, their works and life. I know only one similar book – Michael Sull book, but it is so difficult to find it now.


I found it in John Neal Bookseller. This book is expensive one, but it worth it.