This is my battle station, my fortress where I can overwinter. 

During my life I have changed homeplace three times. First was a place where I was born, second – apartment with my sweet Egor. And now we have a cute flat with big bookshelf, light kitchen and fluffy cat.


Here I can do whatever I want. All my calligraphy works are made here.

I love the simple and light style of our flat. Light – grey room, half olive – half eggshell kitchen and hallway.


I can totally say I am homebody and it is really important to love your shelter.  When I have bad mood I just came closer to my bookshelf, touched the spine, maybe took one and smelt it.


Also I have a lot of treasures such as handmade pieces of paper, trinkets, statuettes, one piece of halite and amethyst (minerals), photocards, postcards, notebooks, stickers and more.


I hope everyone could find and make their own battle station.